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Council Destroys Bat Boxes

Destoyed bat boxes

This is a clear example of how much value the London Borough of Tower Hamlets places on our nature and its laws.

The Bat Conservancy has informed The East London Garden Society that the London Borough of Tower Hamlets appears to have acted illegally by destroying bat boxes at The Limehouse Triangle when they cut down trees. 

It therefore appears that this Council has no respect for nature and is prepared to break environmental laws when it suits them.

All bat species, their breeding sites and resting places are fully protected by law. They are a European protected species. To remove them without a special licence from Natural England, you are in breach of these regulations. 

There is no evidence that the London Borough of Tower Hamlets obtained such a licence, so they have acted illegally.

Why must we always remind authorities of their responsibilities when they are supposed to be protecting nature on our behalf? 

There should be an enquiry into this breach to see if this Council has committed a criminal act, even though it is unlikely that those responsible will face the law.

The residents who are most concerned about what damage has been done to the bat population by the apparent criminal actions of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, need to take action now, so that those responsible for safeguarding the bat population take their duties more seriously.

The East London Garden Society is constantly complaining about this Council regarding their disregard to nature but it is imperative that we protect what little nature we have left in Tower Hamlets. 

It is hoped that more people will become aware of what this Council is doing and put pressure on them to take their responsibilities more seriously.

Please sign this Petition to stop all works at the Limehouse Triangle for proper environmental and bat monitoring to take place.

Read the story 'Discovery of protected species could stop Limehouse development' in the East London Lines.

Read the Council's response to The East London Garden Society's complaint.

Have you seen bats, or any other protected species on this site? If you have, please email and describe what you've seen. Such evidence could be useful when this matter proceeds to the next complaint stage.