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Items about gardening in east London and campaigns being led by The East London Garden Society which you can support.

Storing Potatoes

When potatoes are chilled, an enzyme breaks down the sucrose (aka sugar) they contain and turns it into fructose and glucose, which combines with the amino acid asparagine to form acrylamide, a carcinogenic substance, when heated.

To most, it would seem as if storing certain veggies in a cool place, such as the garage, back porch or even the refrigerator, would be a good idea. It might keep them cooler and help them last longer, right?

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Glyphosate: Health Concerns

Glyphosate, is the primary active ingredient in Roundup

Mounting evidence reveals that its significant toxicity, leads to health complications and is detrimental to essential pollinators, including honey bees. As a gardener, you need to be aware of this harmful chemical.

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How to Plant and Grow Asparagus
Leyton Mills

With proper management, asparagus will stay productive for at least ten years, or maybe much longer depending on the satisfaction level of the plants. 

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New Spitalfields Development Threatens Disaster
Leyton Mills

A new Spitalfields development threatens ecological and flooding disaster. It is back as part of a new consultation on the Leyton Mills neighbourhood.

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Food Waste Pilot Project - 2024
Recycling logo

The East London Garden Society worked in partnership with the Queen Mary University to produce a report on people's attitudes to food waste.

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Food Waste Recycling
Food waste

Food waste recycling, or composting food waste, has advanced since ‘The Pig Swill’ man.

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The Amazing Rachal Carson
Self sufficient

A celebrated American writer of her time who convinced a society intent on mastering and controlling nature that we, as humans, must view ourselves as being part of nature rather than separate from it.

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Growing Staple Vegetables
Self sufficient

During times of crisis, staple foods and plants you know will grow well are ideal. It’s not the time to be trying out experimental varieties. 

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Food Growing in Tower Hamlets

Tower Hamlets is making a local plan for the future of the borough.

How do you think Food Growing should look?

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Plants that Clean the Air
Aloe Vera

We spend most of our free time in our homes, and having high-quality air and clean living space is a must.

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Overwintering Plants
Overwintering plants

Many of the best plants for overwintering in a garage or cellar have bulbous roots designed to store nutrients and moisture through a dormant period.

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Save Lea Marshes Newsletter
Hackney Marshes

In just ten months a team of dedicated 'eco-activists' have transformed Hackney North Marsh.

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The London Highline
Green route

On 29 October 2023 we walked what is to be The London Highline.

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New 'streetparks' for London
Street parks

London has half the green space it needs for a population its size and lack of green space is a particular problem in many parts of inner suburbs.

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Your Humble Hedgerow

Your humble hedgerow can save the planet with a bit of help from you.

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Legal Rights for Ancient Trees
Ancient trees

Tree preservation orders (TPOs) should be made national. 

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The Great Eastern Parks Route
Great Eastern park route

The Shoreditch Forest Garden has transformed into The Great Eastern Parks Route and is now partially complete.

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Woodberry Down and Walthamstow Wetlands
Woodberry Down

A group of enthusiasts walk through the wetlands of east London Woodberry Down and The Walthamstow Wetlands.

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Benefits of Clover

Eight Reasons to Plant a Clover Lawn.

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Bethnal Green Mulberry Tree Saved
Mulberry tree

A legal challenge against Tower Hamlets Council has saved this tree, which is at least 200 years old.

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Beware of Mystery Seeds from China
Seed from China

There’s a lot of people receiving these seeds; not just in England, all over the world.

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Canning tomatoes
Canning tomatoes

Canning green tomatoes for frying allows this summertime treat to be enjoyed year round.

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Cavell Street Gardens
Cavell Street Gardens

Improvements to Cavell Street Gardens but at what cost?

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Community-Owned Natural Swimming Ponds
Community swimming ponds

Transforming an East London industrial site into community-owned natural swimming ponds and a biodiverse park.

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Council Destroys Bat Boxes
Bat boxes

London Borough of Tower Hamlets appears to have acted illegally by destroying bat boxes at The Limehouse Triangle.

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Derelict Area Transformed
Community garden

A major weed clearance on Cambridge Crescent to give the plants more room and light.

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Wildlife Facing Mass Extinction
Wild life

In the UK alone, a quarter of mammals are at imminent risk of disappearing.

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Edible White Lupin
White lupin

In the UK lupins are a garden flower. In the past, they were grown for cattle.

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The Environment Debate
Effect of Glyphosate

Passionate about having a better environment for us to live in and working with those that believe in the same?

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What is a Food Forest?
Food forest

Forests are ecosystems with a diversity of plants, animals, and fungi, designed by nature to provide a perfect balance.

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Problems of Monocropping

In the 1940s, the Green Revolution changed agricultural practices.

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Greenways Map Launched

Walking is good for our physical and mental wellbeing. It reduces risk of heart disease and strokes and reduces anxiety and isolation.

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Hackney’s Streets Reimagination
Jon Burke

Hackney’s streets to be redesigned as the Council attempts to combat the climate emergency and address urban air quality.

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Helping the Local Environment

Having a say over the environment could bring the level of air pollution down.

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The Zoo Beneath Our Feet
Zoo beneath feet

The gardener has a long and touchy‐feely relationship with the soil. As every good cultivator knows, you assess the earth by holding it.

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The Importance of Herbs
Carmel woods

We are going to need this herbal knowledge in the future.

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Indigenous Forest Gardens Remain Productive
Indigenous forest

Gardens persist for 150 years after those who planted them were removed.

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The Limehouse Triangle Saga
Limehouse triangle

Four-year battle for residents living near The Limehouse Triangle.

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Battersea Roof Gardens
Battersea roof garden

London’s highest vegetable patch, a herb garden and yoga lawn are among features expected.

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Loss of Green Field Sites
Loss of green sites

Green urban land owned by a local authority is now at risk of being used for social housing.

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Big Changes in Hackney
Mabley Green

A huge transformation has taken place at Mabley Green, with the flat landscape having been radically altered to create a rich parkland.

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Pesticide-free Tower Hamlets
Geoff Juden

The initial step was to find out Tower Hamlets’ pesticide usage in the borough.

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Lawns as Polycultures
Lawns as polycultures

Not only does this kind of lawn potentially supply food, it also eliminates the need for fertilizers and herbicides.

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Protected Tree List for London
Felled trees

A protected tree is only as good as the local authority wishes it to be.

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Proven Benefits of Flowers

Research shows that flowers offer all sorts of benefits.

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Protection for Rivers and Lakes at Risk
Rivers and lakes

Research shows that flowers offer all sorts of benefits.

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Strange Alpine Plant Growing In Patagonia
Calceolaria Uniflora

A strange plant is growing in the craggy peaks of the Andes from Chile into Argentina.

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Suffragette Fanny Wilkinson
Fanny Wilkinson

The UK’s first female landscape gardener designed Meath Gardens.

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Think Twice
Pruned tree

Tree cutter with zero compassion for anything living, brings young birds to their deaths.

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Tomato & Potato Blight
Tomato blight

Tomato blight, and the related potato blight, can destroy crops in days,

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Trees and Technology
Chopped tree

Trees are being chopped down at an alarming rate in Britain‘s green and pleasant capital city.

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Save the Trees at Highbury Corner
Trees Highbury Corner

Developer wants to cut down seven mature and healthy trees. Local residents are objecting.

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Trees Felled by Council
The Lorax

London Borough of Tower Hamlets declared climate emergency whilst felling trees.

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Trees Help Cities Thrive
City trees

Trees have a fundamental place in many big cities around the world.

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Unusual Vegetables To Grow
Passion fruit

What is an exotic or unusual vegetable and how to grow in a UK garden.

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Farmers Want Support for Local Food Growing
Local food growers

Hackney growers are calling for more support from the Town Hall for local food planting projects.

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Weavers Fields Meeting
Weavers Field

Weavers Fields’ residents consider there is a greater need to safeguard its protection.

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Weed Tea
Weed tea

How to make a fertilizer from your garden weeds.

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We Should Plant More Trees
Urban trees

Five reasons why we should plant more trees.

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What’s killing the bees?

Honey bee colonies experiencing widespread die-offs. Why?

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What to Sow for Harvest Through Winter

Late summer is like a second spring for sowing delicious vegetables, herbs and salads.

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Wilting Tomato Plants
Tomato plants

Why tomato plants wilt and solutions.

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