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The London Highline

London Highline

On 29 October 2023 we walked what is to be The London Highline, the forest garden on top of the Braithwaite Arches in Bishopsgate going through to Limehouse.

The weather looked as though it would be against us, having rained solidly all morning, but we were fortunate that when we left at midday the rain had stopped. The walk was fully booked, but we decided to take a shorter route along The Great Eastern Parks Route, in case the weather turned against us.

Thirty of us set off walking at ground level, as it is too dangerous at the moment to walk on top of the arches, to Meath Gardens, passing Weavers Fields and Bethnal Green Gardens on the way.

Bethnal Green Gardens are the second oldest gardens in London, having been given to the people in the reign of Charles ll. On reaching the Regents Canal, we followed it through to Mile End Park and to Ropemakers Walk in Limehouse, where we met the wonderful Terri who told us about the local park. Terri told us all about the connections of the parks, gardens and waterways in east London.

The final stop was St Anne's Church, Limehouse where we enjoyed tea and cakes kindly provided by the local congregation. A big thanks to Alicia for being the perfect hostess and a big thanks to all who attended.